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English Companion Ning

This is the Ning site that has been created by Jim Burke, a respected educator and author.  This site offers a forum for teachers to discuss topics with other teachers and researchers.  Need ideas for a unit?  Need advice about the classroom?  Need something clarified?  At this site, you will receive information from those who live in your shoes each and every day.  Click here to be directed to the English Companion Ning.
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in the Poudre School District

If you are interested in volunteering in the Poudre School District, go here.  Click on Community, Partnerships & Volunteers.  Follow the link and click on “Click to Register.”

If you have questions about volunteering in the Poudre School District, contact Cyndi Gile at


If you are interested in helping high school students prepare for the ACT or SAT exam, contact Josh Gehl at

Assistant Curators for the NCTE Gallery for the National Day of Writing

If interested in reading and evaluating student writing as a curator for the gallery, contact Dr. Louann Reid at

Book Talks

Windsor High School

Forensic Judges for Speech and Debate

Contact Kim Swanigan at

Intensive English Program at Colorado State University

If you are interested in serving as a conversation partner for people learning English,

contact Beth Cloven at Beth.Cloven@ColoState.EDU


Adolescent Book Lists provided by Vivian Tapp of Barnes and Nobles

Provided with permission.
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