The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


On August 30th, 2010, NCTE@CSU hosted the Hunger Games on CSU's campus as a beginning of the year event for the organization.  The event was a huge success. It is our hope that you may be able to host your own Hunger Games by using the materials that we have put together and have made available on our site.  If you have any further questions, please contact Jeanne Marri Choun at 

"Students eat up Hunger Games" by Hannah Elfin
of the Rocky Mountain Collegian, 9/1/2010

Students hunted and fought through campus Monday night for items vital to their survival.

Rather than spilling blood on campus, students used pool noodles, hula-hoops and water balloons to defeat fellow participants on their scavenger hunt through campus.

This is the CSU version of the Hunger Games, a competition that put participants in the shoes of individuals fighting for their lives.

Based on the novel “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, the game was an enactment of the fight-to-the-death conflicts the characters in the futuristic novel are forced to participate in.

Set in a future America controlled by a tyrannical government, the fast-paced Hunger Games series has become a hot, new young adult fiction books in stores across the country.

CSU’s affiliate chapter of the National Council of Teachers of English, NCTE, kicked off the new school year with the replica game and welcomed not only avid followers of the novel but also anyone else interested to encourage readership of the series.

The event attracted a variety of interested students from around campus, with majors ranging from English to biomedical science.

“I’ve read the first and second book, but I’m just here for fun,” said Brooke Martinez, a participant in the Monday’s event who dressed as Katniss, the novel’s heroine.

CSU’s chapter will share the success of its teaching tool with people from around the country at several conferences, including the NCTE’s 100th anniversary celebration in Chicago where the affiliate chapter will present about the Hunger Games next fall.

“We are using the games as a way to access readers who may not already be invested in reading,” said Serena Dietze, the president of NCTE at CSU.

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PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation has been created to give a brief informing session to anyone interested in learning more about hosting their own Hunger Games.
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Permission Slip for Participants for Photographs and Other Media

This permission slip was used to get permission from all participants that allows for NCTE@CSU to use their photographs, video, and other media in the future.
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Collection of Handouts

This collection includes:
  • an event checklist
  • Rules of Engagement to be given to participants prior to the commencement of the event
  • an Extra Life Award certificate to be used as a reward for participants
  • an "Across Content Areas" idea guide
  • a sample interview assignment for students, including rubric
  • a classroom discussion/application guide
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Sample Marketing Flier and Display Cases

This flier was used to advertise the event on the CSU campus. The display cases were put up in the Student Center of CSU.
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